Green Initiative

Our partnership with NativeEnergy ( affords our clients the opportunity to participate in worldwide energy conservation and efficiency – at no cost to you! At Eco-Air, we understand significant steps are needed to reduce global warming pollution. Eco-Air chooses to offset carbon dioxide produced by its clients’ flights. The following are some projects that show how Eco-Air uses carbon offsets to significantly affect energy conservation and efficiency:

Brubaker Family Dairy Farm Methane Project

In addition to offering educational community tours, the Brubaker family farm also plays a sponsorship role in many local environmental efforts. Eco-Air supports the partnership between NativeEnergy and the Pennsylvania Biomass Working Group by helping to facilitate the area manure anaerobic digester project. The anaerobic digester produces renewable energy which is utilized to assist in operations on the farm as well as the local electric power grid. As a result of this and historical environmental contributions, the Brubaker farm received the National Environmental Stewardship Award in 1999.

Wanner Family Dairy Farm Methane Project

The Wanner Pride-N-Joy Farm is another example of Eco-Air’s dedication to environmental stewardship. With the goal of maintaining the farm as a practical and environmentally sound source of income for future generations of the Wanner family, the Pride-N-Joy Farm boasts its own anaerobic digester. This project produces three times as much electricity as required by the farm and as a result, the Wanners are able to sell the additional electricity to their local power provider.

Hillcrest Saylor Family Dairy Farm Methane Project

The Saylor family has historically worked closely with the US Department of Agriculture in developing environmentally friendly manure handling techniques and soil conservation practices. The Saylor farm has proclaimed its goal as becoming a “farm of the future” that enhances the environment, generates renewable energy, and produces quality foods in the process. Like the Wanner and Brubaker farms, the Saylor family farm methane digester yields more than enough power to run the farm and sell portions of it to the local electric company.

Farmer-Owned Distributed Wind Turbines

Eco-Air has partnered with NativeEnergy, Next Generation Power Systems, Vinco and Pioneer International to encourage and facilitate installations of farmer-owned and community-based distributed wind turbines. This funding has significantly reduced turbine cost, allowing farmers to utilize the benefits of small scale power generation. Not only will this assist farmers over the long-term with their power costs, but it will also stabilize the electricity grid.

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