Frequently Asked Questions

How is Eco-Air different from other air charter providers?

Eco-Air is dedicated to environmental stewardship. Unlike other aircraft charter providers, Eco-Air ensures that every single flight is carbon offset. Eco-Air is one of the few group air charter companies to include carbon offset as a mandatory and complimentary service. While safety is our priority, Eco-Air believes that environmental responsibility is equally important.

How is global warming affected by air travel?

All aircraft release various gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. The collection of carbon dioxide and other gases, which act like the walls of a greenhouse and prevent heat from escaping the atmosphere, cause global warming. These gases, also known as “greenhouse gases”, confine heat from the sun, resulting in worldwide climate change.

How does Eco-Air help offset global warming?

Eco-Air provides all the conveniences of VIP air charter flights while allowing you to be environmentally responsible. We neutralize all carbon emissions produced by all flights at absolutely no cost to you. Eco-Air participates in many different carbon offset ventures such as family farm methane projects through our partnership with Native Energy.

What are carbon offsets and how do they work?

Carbon offsetting reduces global warming pollution through a counterbalance and direct reduction of power generated from burning fossil fuels. Eco-Air has a holistic viewpoint on creating new, clean and renewable energy sources. For every CO2 emission, Eco-Air contributes to reducing CO2 emissions elsewhere.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a resource that is naturally replenished over time, such as geothermal heat, wind, rain, tides and sunlight.

In what types of carbon offsetting projects is Eco-Air involved?

Eco-Air currently participates in community-based distributed wind turbine projects and dairy farm methane capture projects.

What is methane capture?

Methane, a natural resource derived from animal waste, is exponentially more efficient at harnessing heat near the surface of the Earth than carbon dioxide. Farmers use methane digesters to transform animal waste into pure methane which is then used to generate electricity. Not only does this meet all of the farm’s energy needs, but the overflow of electricity is often sold to the local power company, creating a two-fold environmental benefit.

What is wind distribution?

Wind distribution is the harnessing of wind energy potential through wind turbines. The available wind energy potential in the Great Plains alone is enough to provide electrical power to the entire United States. Although wind is free, there are numerous costs associated with building the turbines necessary to direct and control the wind power. It is because of this that Eco-Air participates in subsidizing community-based distributed wind turbine projects.

Do I have to pay for Eco-Air to offset my carbon emissions?

No. We provide carbon offsets on every Eco-Air flight at absolutely no cost to you.

What types of aircraft does Eco-Air provide?

Eco-Air Jets clients’ enjoy access to over 5,500 aircraft including light, mid-size, super-mid size, executive jets and airliners. We also offer turbo-props and piston props.

Airliners are available in both high density and luxury low density aircraft. High density aircraft are perfect for large groups because they have the same configuration as commercial airliners. However, with Eco-Air, the schedule and agenda are yours without the need to rely on standard airline scheduling. Low density aircraft such as the Boeing Business Jet, Global Express and other VIP-configured airliners not only provide completely customized scheduling, but also offer the experience of ultimate luxury for your private jet charter.

Does Eco-Air have access to more airports than standard airlines?

Yes. Commercial carriers have access to 550 airports, while Eco-Air provides you with access to over 5,000 airports across the United States.

What is Eco-Air’s commitment to safety?

At Eco-Air, nothing is more essential than the safety of our clients. Eco-Air Jet only arranges charters with highly reputable carriers with direct certification.

Where can I learn more about Eco-Air?

Call 1.212.710.1350 to speak with one of our expert team members.

Eco-Air Jets adheres to Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), or foreign equivalent, which directs Domestic, Flag and Supplemental Operations as well as Part 135, which regulates Commuter and On-Demand Operations. Eco-Air Jets is the administrator and facilitator of booking on-demand private flights with air carriers who possess certification with the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or foreign equivalent. Eco-Air Jets is not a direct or indirect “air carrier “. Eco-Air Jets, LLC is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. STE7391

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