Light Jets

Light jets are a value-filled choice for groups of up to seven on regional trips, while still providing the safety and luxury of a larger aircraft.

Light Jet Aircraft

Cabin Height 4.30 ft. – 4.90 ft.
Cabin Width 4.10 ft. – 4.90 ft.
Seating Up to 7 or 8
Cruising Speed 435 - 511 mph

Light Jet Aircraft

  • Citation Bravo / Encore
  • Hawker 400XP
  • Learjet 31A / 35
  • Astra Westwind

Flight Range

Light Jet flights on average fly no more than 1,600 miles. Examples include New York or Chicago to Miami, Dallas to Chicago or Teterboro.

Methane Capture

Methane digesters are the wave of the future. Eco-Air Jets flights’ help offset the cost of building these systems. Once implemented, these digesters provide renewable energy to help heat and power farm buildings as well as provide additional energy to be sold to the local power grid. This practice reduces dependency on fossil fuels.

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