Super-Mid Jets

Super-Mid jets combine exceptional speed, value, coast-to-coast range, and advanced performance. Business moves at breakneck speed. These jets set the pace.

Light Jet Fleet

Cabin Height 5.70 ft. – 6.25 ft.
Cabin Width 5.60 ft. – 7.20 ft.
Seating 8 to 13
Cruising Speed 470 to 590 mph

Super-Mid Jet Fleet

  • Gulfstream II
  • Citation X / Sovereign
  • Hawker 1000
  • Falcon 50
  • Challenger 300

Flight Range

Super-Mid Jet flights range up to 3,300 miles. Examples include Seattle to Miami, Los Angeles to New York or Palm Beach.

Progress Not Perfection >

We can’t be perfect, no one can. Through the practice of energy conservation, utilization of sustainable goods, and contributions to environmental causes, we are minimizing not only our clients’ environmental impact, but our own as well. By heightening our green awareness we are taking steps in the right direction to give back to our planet what we take out.

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